There are certain individuals that need to seek for assistance in order to have optimum health. They need to be assisted by nutritionists in order to be properly guided in terms of eating the right foods that will work for them. This is what we call Nutrition Counselling.

 What is Nutrition Counselling?

A Holistic Nutritionist is  a health professional who develops and implements an individualized personal nutrition program through dietary, physical and lifestyle assessment, customized nutrition education and personal coaching.  This is based on the client’s specific needs, i.e. weight reduction, food allergies and sensitivities, and support for diagnosed medical conditions.

In You Home Therapy Nutritional Counselling Ontario

What to Expect:   A registered holistic nutritionist recognized by the Canadian Association for Natural Health Practitioners, will arrive at your home or office to assess your needs and design a personal nutrition program designed to support your health goals.

Nutrition Counselling aims to assist you in making and maintaining any advised change in their diet. It varies from one person to another because there are some factors to be considered.


  • optimize weight
  • eliminate symptoms of poor digestion
  • improve hormone balance
  • improve energy
  • increase immune function
  • support body’s natural healing ability


In You Home Therapy Ontario Nutritional Counselling

Our Speciality:  We specialize in educating and coaching clients towards a natural, whole foods diet, optimal supplementation and gradual lifestyle changes that support optimal health and wellness.



Nutrition Counselling

  •  Needs Assessment                   Free

20 Minutes

  • Initial  Consultation                   $ 59.99

60 Minutes

  • Additonal Sessions                  $ 29.99

30 Minutes

  • Meal Planning                             $ 79.99

includes grocery list and recipes for 7 days

  • Natural Food Makeover            $129.99

includes a kitchen “purge” and a guided
grocery shopping expedition, with a focus
on interpreting food labels.

  • Natural Weight Loss                  $ 179.99

Initial session plus five additional sessions

  • Lifestyle Package                  $ 179.99

Initial session plus five additional sessions

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Nutrition Counselling is very important in order to prevent drug and nutrient interactions that would impact the effectiveness of the drug being administered. There are nutrients in the food that should be avoided because it might have an effect on the medication that a person is taking. 

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