Sep 5th

5 Exercises That Make Back Pain Worse

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5 Exercises That Make Back Pain Worse


Statistics indicate that eight out of every 10 Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. About half of pregnant women pregnant women suffer from this condition too. Even though most times back pain is not severe and goes away within weeks, it can still affect your work and everyday life. Things are even more difficult for those who work out or play sports.


Certain movements, such as jumping and bending over, can worsen back pain. Fortunately, it’s no need to give up exercise completely. The key is to take things slowly and listen to your body. Also, make sure you avoid these exercises – at least until the pain subsides:


Toe Touches


This simple exercise may cause discomfort and aggravate pain by overstretching lower back muscles. Find a safer alternative until your back gets better.


Running or Jogging


Jogging, running, and other high-impact activities can make your low back feel crumby and cause further damage. If you already suffer from lower back pain, choose walking over running. Even a short walk will boost your mood and keep you fit effortlessly.


Good Mornings


When you perform this exercise, the weight is placed on your shoulders. As you bend forward, it puts stress on your spine. Swap good mornings for waiter’s bow, which is gentler for your back and joints.




The deadlift is one of the best lower body movements out there. It builds strength and power, supports muscle growth, and increases metabolism. Unfortunately, it’s not the best choice for those with back pain. Poor lifting form can lead to serious injuries. Even when done well, deadlifts put a lot of stress on the lower back.




During a sit-up, your spine is pushed against the ground as the core muscles and hip flexors lift your upper body. This stresses your spine and makes pain worse. It may also cause mechanical problems that aggravate back pain, such as sprains, spasms, herniated discs, and muscle tension.


Don’t worry – you don’t have to quit these exercises forever. Once your back pain goes away, you can slowly return to your workouts. Have patience and give your body time to heal itself.

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